Red Wines
Listed Dry to Sweet

Cabernet Sauvignon - Aged in American oak, full-bodied with characteristics of earth, herb and berries.

Zinfandel - A full body Texas red with hints of earth and black pepper.

Syrah - Full fruit flavors with oak finish.

Tempranillo - Spanish Style with a Texas twist, with hints of plum, tobacco, leather and herbs.

Ivanhoe Knights - A blend of Malbec and Ruby Cabernet, with characteristics of green bell peppers and hatch chilies.

Malbec - From the High Planes of Texas, with hints of earth mixed with plums, black cherry and spices.

Homestead Red - A soft dry wine, with plum characteristics.

Rose of Ivanhoe - A Grapefest favorite, full-bodied sweet wine, served chilled.

Chocolate Rose - Ruby Cabernet infused with dark chocolate. It's like enjoying a square of dark chocolate with a glass of red wine.

White Wines
Listed Dry to Sweet

Viognier - A Texas cousin to Chardonnay with characteristics of buttery pears and peaches.

Desert Rose - Award winning dry wine made from the Muscat Canelli grape with characteristics of floral and citrus.

Prairie Rose - An off-dry Chenin Blanc with apple and pear characteristics.

Moon Shadow - A delicate, sweet wine made from the Riesling grape, with a bouquet of flowers and honey.

Muscato - A German style sweet wine with hints of citrus honey and peaches.

Sweet Home Ivanhoe - Our Texas Muscat Canelli with characteristics of strawberries and honeysuckle.

Specialty Wines

Portejas (TEMPORARY OUT OF STOCK) - 100% Zinfandel, this wine has the power to warm
hearts on a cold night or to be served as a complement to the end of an evening meal.

Chocolate Portejas -100% Zinfandel infused with chocolate.

Personalized private labels are available for special occasions and events.
Call our tasting rooms for info.

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